Did you know???

Did you know??

Currently there are less than 400 open drive-ins operating around the world.

The majority are in the United States.

 At their peak in 1958, there were between 4000 and 5000 drive-ins operating in the United States.

 Richard Hollingshead Jr., father of the drive-in movie theater developed the concept in 1930

The patent was issued 3 years after the idea's conception in May 1933

 The first drive-in theater opened in Camden, New Jersey in June 1933.

The cost to build the first drive in was approximately $30,000

RCA Victor provided the initial sound system: "directional sound" - three speakers mounted at the screen.

The first film shown was the Adolphe Menjou film Wife Beware

When the first drive-in theater opened, Variety magazine used the term “Ozoner” to describe an outdoor movie theater in which the patrons view a film from their automobile.

About Stanford Drive-In & Flea Market

The Stanford Drive-In has been in continuous operation since 1952, while the Flea Market is celebrating over 20 years of shop smart bargains and friendly dealers.

There are 370 drive-in theaters in the USA, and we're proud to be carrying on this great American tradition. The Snack Bar is an integral part of the business, and your support of the great food that we offer helps to preserve the drive-in theater.

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Thanks to a successful fundraiser, we have converted to a digital projector as of the 2015 season. The interior of the concession stand has been completely remodeled.

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